Advanced Whitening Gel

The Advanced Teeth Whitening Home Kit

Advanced Whitening Gel

Reveal Your Smile
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Add whitening gel to your routine for whiter teeth in 2 weeks.

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  • Advanced Whitening set

    • 50ml Whitening Gel

    • Accelerator Light

    • 2x Gum Shield

  • Advanced Color Corrector Whitening Strips

    • Effortless at Home Teeth Whitening

    • Safe For Sensitive Teeth

    • Residue Free

  • Advanced Color Corrector Whitening Foam

    • No Sensitivity

    • No Damage

    • Vegan Friendly

    Accelerator LED Mouthguard

  • Speed up whitening with your phone

  • USB

  • iOS (iPhone)

  • Mini USB

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    Frequently asked questions

    Does Advanced Whitening Gel Really work?

    Yes! If you follow either 2 week program using the gel twice daily, or follow the 4 weeks porgram using the gel once a day you will see great results.

    Is Advanced Whitening Gel safe?

    Yes! Our gental formula contains only 0.1% peroixde. This is enough to gently whiten teeth without the risk of sensitivity.

    Is peroxide harmful?

    Peroxide is only harmful in high concentrations. Our forumla is specially formulated to be used at home.

    Do non-peroxide products work as well?

    No. Non-peroxide products do not whiten teeth, they clean your teeth with abrasives or bicarbonate. Our Advanced Whitening Gel uses the same ingredients as dentists with a safe formula for home use.

    Is Advanced Whitening Gel safe for use on crowns?

    Yes, our formula is safe for use on crowns. Please consult your dentist if you have any worries prior to using Advanced Whitening Gel.

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